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10 months ago

Cloud DVR performance in web browsers has really deteriorated

The last few days, it's been essentially impossible to watch a recording in progress on my Windows 11 PC in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. For example, CNBC daytime programs get stuck in an infinite "Attempting to Resume..." page when I try to time-shift more than a few minutes into the program. Sometimes, they won't allow it at all and will just start over from the beginning. It used to be, I could advance to within a minute of where the recording was live

  • , and it would play fine, and I could pause TV, skip back, etc, while still watching the program in near real-time. Now it's unusable for that. I've also seen an infinite "skip back loop", where the program will play for a couple seconds, skip back, and play the same couple seconds again, over and over again until I stop it.
  •  Even at its best, I had to manually buffer a minute or so of an ongoing recording, because trying to watch it live caused it to pause a few seconds a couple times per minute. While having to manually buffer wasn't great, at least it was usable with it being only a minute. Lately, it's been impossible to watch in near real-time.
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    • Hi Barreleye, what you describe truly sounds beyond my frustration tolerance for watching TV online, and I truly apologize this has been your recent experience. I'd like to clarify one point. You mentioned Cloud DVR and also streaming real-time. Are the issues you described with happening when you're watching recorded content, or when watching live content? Or both? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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        I was talking about watching a program as it's being recorded. Watching it live works fine, but then you can't pause, rewind, etc.

        On the bright side, I've been using my iPad the last couple of days, and I haven't experienced any of these problems. It's a pretty good substitute in general. It fits in the same stand I used for the 10" monitor I'd been using for a secondary display in Windows, where I'd watch in a full-screen browser in kiosk mode (no UI, so just like a TV). I can't use my keyboard shortcuts anymore, which gave me extensive control of playback (using Autohotkey to send them to the non-focused browser window as I used my main display for other things), but the touch controls aren't horribly less convenient (for example, instead of Win+Ctrl+Alt+Right arrow to skip 3 minutes forward, I have to tap the iPad like 7 times). The main drawback for me is that I need to use multipoint Bluetooth headphones, since I've got two Bluetooth sources now, my PC and the iPad. Single-point is usable with this setup, but it does require manual switching. It was less usable with an Android tablet, because switching the audio device back to the tablet caused the Contour app to put up an info window in the middle of the screen that couldn't be closed without stopping playback and restarting from the main UI. At least the iPad app doesn't do that.

        Oh, and while I considered using the XG2 with the 10" monitor, it's 16:10 aspect ratio, and there's no way to configure either device to prevent vertically stretching the 16:9 image to fit. I'd also have had to add a Bluetooth transmitter and deal with latency problems, which really limits the choice of headphones. The nice thing about the apps is that they compensate for this.

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          I hear Cox offers their app on Apple TV now. Do you happen to have one? Haven't heard any reports on how good/bad it is however the hardware on the Apple TV is a lot better then anything a cable box offers.

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        Any chance this problem will ever be looked at? It's been almost two months, and I've encountered exactly the same problems within an hour of trying to use web browsers because the experience with Apple products (iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV) suffers from annoying audio glitches that I talked about in another thread. Those glitches are reproducible and predictable, following a pattern, and when I have time, I'll start a new thread on that. However, I'd much rather go back to using a web browser, but the service has become completely unusable, and apparently, it's been that way since I reported it here almost two months ago.

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      Cloud performance of the new Contour Set Top Box is also like old dial-up telephone modem response.

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        Hi Speedskater, I want you to enjoy your Cox TV service, and it's certainly no phone if the feature response is sluggish. I can help! I'd like to take a closer look at what's happening. Please email my team at so we can take care of this for you. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator