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3 years ago

Channel change

In the area code 89145 (Las Vegas) why on channels 12 and 6 the programs listed in the guide are not on. Channel 12 looks like  sports and channel and channel 6 is Comet. What's going on?

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    Hi Jolinda,

    I am sorry to hear that is happening. This is the first I have heard regarding that issue, but we would be happy to look into that with you. To do that, we ask that you email us at with your service address and a link to this forum thread.

    Cox Support Forum Moderator
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      I’m having the same issue in zip 89005. I was just on chat and they could not fix the issue and wants to charge me 75.00 to have it looked at.

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        Hi @Kcraythorn
        Thanks for letting us know. Some of our broadcasting problems are still having technical difficulties. We have informed our Network team about the issues. We appreciate your patience.
        Ben S.
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