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7 years ago

Changing from Contour 1 to Contour 2 - Regrets?

My Contour 1 box freezes occasionally and requires a reboot.  After two service calls the rep said that Contour 2 is better and said that I should switch. I read about the program search and new feat...
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    7 years ago
    @Perplexed User You can opt for a self install to avoid professional installation of Contour 2. However, the self installation is limited to no more than 4 boxes. Also, sine the boxes will need to be replaced, you will lose all recordings that you currently have.
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    7 years ago
    @Perplexed User We do not currently have a way to preserve the programs. We do not show much of a change in problems between the Contour 1 and Contour 2 platforms.