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Can’t create a new manual series Contour 2

Some Channels have a set time for movies such as every Friday night at 9 pm or Saturday night at 6 pm. It’s not identified as a “series” on the dvr. Bit I would like to schedule a manual recording every Saturday night at 9 pm for 2 hours on specific channel regardless of the title in the guide.  This used to word with previous dvr. But not Contour. 

Can we get this feature back?  How do I do it?

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  • The only way to set a manual recording is by arrowing over all the way to the left while on the guide until the channel name/number is highlighted. Once there, click OK and there is an option to record. You can then set the start time and duration. The only downside is that you cannot set this as a recurring event, so you would need to manually do this each time.

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  • john2222....I've been having issues with the new Contour 2, asking COX about a lost TIME feature in their DVR recording.  Here is an old DVR link that had TIME and Channel.

    Not sure if the TIME item would have helped with your recording of movies every Fri at 9pm.  I used it alot on the older non-contour DVR to record selected repeated episodes of a new show, at a specific time, especially when shows conflicted with the Max 2 recording at the same time.  COX put it on a review list, but I'm not holding my breath.  Like BrianM says, you must do an individual record at each specific time for each show.  The Guide allows using the remotes >> to scroll daily across the screen.