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Can Cox add RFD TV channel? It is a basic channel on other TV providers and is very popular.

Can Cox add RFD TV channel.  It is very educational and is provided on ATT, Directv, and Sling as basic channel.

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    Hi, WillL,

    We'd like to submit your request to our Programming team. Please send the Cox account address to with the channel(s) you are interested in.

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    If the new legislation goes into effect, which I believe it will they will be required to carry it.

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    I'm a newcomer to Cox (14 days ago). I agree with this poster, that RFD-TV would be an asset to the lineup. This request may be a moot point if H.R. 2682 passes, but it would be great if Cox would get the jump on this addition. There are many people in Connecticut who would benefit from the subject matter carried on this channel. Thank you.

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    Cox may already have it in your lineup within the SD channels.  You can configure your Guide to not display just the HD channels.  Then again, you may be correct about not available.