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4 years ago

CableCard Tuner Adapter Will not stop blinking yellow

While watching tv on my Windows Media Center which uses a Ceton tuner card with a cable card and a usb Motorola tuning adapter, my tuning adapter started blinking yellow. It's normally solid yellow and blinks red when changing channels.  I power cycled it and it's still blinking after 15 minutes. Every now and then I will see the red light light blink.  Of course now some channels like 1100, 1101, 1102, 1104, etc are giving me service unavailable. All the other channels are working correctly.   Not sure why this just happened but any help would be greatly appreciated. I have talked with 4 different support people in the past week and have swapped out the cable card twice and the tuner adapter once still have the same issue. I was told to either replace the tuner adapter and cable card again or have a tech come to my house and try to resolve the issue. Seeing that Covid -19 is still spreading like fire I would prefer to not have a tech so up at my house. Is there anything that can been to resolve this issue? Please help .

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  • @Matt2277, I recommend sending us an email with your full name, address, and a brief description of this issue to so we can look into it for you. -Allan, Cox Support forums Moderator.