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4 years ago

Cable not working through home theater receiver

I've been using the same setup for 3 years running my cable through a Denon receiver to the projector and sound system.  Cable quit working about 2 weeks ago, all the other inputs work fine still (PS4, 4k BR player and Firestick).  Only thing not working is the cable.  Replaced the cable box thinking that was the problem.  Still had issues, so I bought a new Yamaha Receiver thinking that must be it.  Problem still happening.  1st service guy came out, said problem was at main box in neighborhood, that didn't fix anything.  2nd guy came out today and said it was receiver problem as he could connect directly to the projector and get the picture to work just fine.  I have tried 3 working receivers and still no picture, I have a hard time thinking that could be the issue since I know they all work fine.  Frustrated and confused where to go next??

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  • Rick, just to clarify what the 2d tech said, was he referring to the Denon receiver? If yes, here is a link to Denon's support page for additional assistance: Did the tech have any other information as to what he thought might be wrong with the Denon receiver?

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    Any recent updates to the firmware of the Denon?  If so, did the update change any setting for the Cable Port of your Denon?  If not, are there any updates available for the Denon?

    It may be a problem with HDMI negotiation between the Cable Box and Denon.

    Could a moderator verify if there have been any recent changes to either encryption or negotiation on Contour?