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3 years ago

Cable glitches out constantly the last week

For over a week now our cox cable on all 3 of our T.Vs have been skipping every 10 minutes or so.. It just pauses and looses all sound, conveniently always during an important scene of my show causing me to miss what was said.. We all have the typical cox boxes they made us switch over to some years back... 

Cable is so freaking expensive so I need to figure out wtf is wrong and how to fix it other than replacing all 3 boxes like the customer service phone person suggested. 


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    I have also had this problem in the last couple of days, it only happens on the cable channels not through contour apps.  I think the frequency being broadcast is dropping out of range and causing this.  I made sure that the DVR was not full as I have had problems with buffering before but this does not seem to be the case.  To be clear, I do not think a splitter is the problem.