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7 months ago

At a loss - TV and Paramount Plus

Need help

First: Have Cox for internet service, Contour for TVs; have a iMAC, 2 Sony Bravia TVs (50 and 43 inch)

Recently got a new modem - Nighthawk AX6. Small single story house, modem seems to be working fine for 2 of the 3 devices

Also recently added Paramount+

Paramount+ works with no real issues on the MAC and the smaller Bravia (which is located in our bedroom). doesn't really work on the larger Bravia in the living room.  It loads but it is extremely slow and the actual shows - when it decides to load the shows - buffers, stops, hiccups, skips.  This is the same experience when I thought to add Paramount+ months ago and is a primary reason I purchased a new modem. Under the old modem, Paramount+ acted the same on all 3 devices as it currently does on just the main TV.

Any idea what the problem/issue could be?  I have nothing additional added any of theTVs (Playstation, Apple TV, etc. etc.).

Thanks in advance



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    First, the Nighthawk AX6 is a router, not a modem. What model modem do you actually have? TM4302?

    Try moving the TV closer to the router and/or use a ethernet connection. Also, what settings do you have your wireless settings set to? See page 66-69 of manual for more info.

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      Right, I know the Nighthawk is the router, in my attempt to give all the info I forgot to mention the modem: provided by Cox, Arris Touchstone CM8200.

      Using ethernet connection on the router, can't really get the TV closer - currently +/- 15-20 feet away, clear view between TV and router.  Will folo-up with suggestion regarding manual.


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        Sorry but I have the equivalent of a 2nd grade education when it comes to computers. Looked at the manual - it's all a foreign language to me but thanks for the suggestion.

  • New cox tv customer. What’s up with the screen freezing and inability to record without a clean stream? Recordings just stop and kick me off. I’m not impressed with cable and may have to go back to direct tv if not resolved. Any suggestions?

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      Hi, I apologize you are having trouble with our service We want to help get this fixed. Please reach out to us privately with your account info including your full street address. Our email address is

      Greg P

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