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6 years ago

Anyone have an email for the leadership team at cox?

I have been having issues for 2 weeks, had 4 techs out here and issue is not resolved. I keep having to open a ticket everyday b/c they can not leave a ticket open for more than 24hrs! I have had it can not watch tv at night - this has got to be resolved and I would like the higher ups to know what is happening so that it will maybe get resolved.  I myself work for another competitor and when things go to leadership they seem to get fixed instantly!

TV freezes after 30-40 min on a station and throws error and will not let you continue watching.  Happens on several channels, only around 7pm on till i go to bed.  Neighbors down road same thing is happening and no one opens anything they just talk to cox tech when he is at my house.  

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    If the OP is correct, there are discrepancies with the customer-support process at Cox.

    First, you don't close a ticket unless the customer's original problem is resolved (TV Service Stops After 30-40 Minutes).

    Second, if a Help Desk assigns or escalates a ticket to a maintenance team, the Help Desk doesn't close anything.  After the maintenance team completes their portion to resolve the problem, the team reassigns the ticket back to the Help Desk.  The Help Desk always owns the ticket.

    Third, Cox is abusing the 24-Hour Rule.  24 hours doesn't mean a ticket times out.  It means if a customer hasn't heard from Cox within 24 hours, Cox updates the customer on progress:  escalation, work stoppage, awaiting parts, temporary fix, etc.  Even if a problem is fixed, the best help desks still won't close a ticket until following-up with the customer 24 hours later.

    If Cox is closing tickets after escalation or 24 hours, Cox has a metric-focused process as opposed to a customer-focused process.

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      From past experience the maintenance department is useless and lazy. Maintenance never knocks on your door to see if they fixed the problem. Whoever is in charge of maintenance dept. apparently don't give a ** about customers are his workers contact you after they are done to see if the issue was resolved.

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    Hi tleray, we are disheartened to learn about such an unpleasant experience, and we are deeply sorry. Our records indicate that your case was escalated to a maintenance team on 04/03 and work was completed on 04/05. A new maintenance escalation was created yesterday, and our team is currently working on resolving this as quickly as possible. 

    If you have any additional questions or concerns about this, please don't hesitate to contact us at Cox strives to provide high-quality services, and we want to have this situation rectified in a timely manner. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator