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5 years ago

ACC Network

I couldn't wait for Cox's negotiations with ESPN to pan out in time for me to watch the game between GT and Clemson tonight. So, I started a free one week trial with Hulu TV on Tuesday. It appears to work fine though the frame rate (watching US Open tennis on ESPN) was a little bit slow and the match was slightly choppy over the wifi. Youtube TV also offers a free trial. So, maybe I'll go there next week.

Some are asking the Cox moderators here what their options are for watching ACC games this weekend. Going to another provider is your only solution, and you shouldn't wait for a moderator to tell you that, because they never will. Explore other options NOW if you haven't started already, because I really don't expect Cox to have the ACC Network by this weekend, especially with other cable providers (Comcast,Dish) holding out as well.

In fairness to Cox, they're trying to keep their prices down and negotiating a lower price is in their and their customers' long term best interest, but that's not going to help us ACC fans right now. And mods, please don't reply with the cut and pasted response of "we're actively negotiating with ESPN to the the ACC Network".

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    YouTube tv works great for me. Cox not carrying the ACC was a deal breaker, and YTTV has all the sports channels I was paying extra for minus NFL network. I’m a bigger college fan so....

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      Hi there, we are currently in negotiations with ESPN to add this network to our lineup and we’re fighting to keep costs at a reasonable price. We know many of our customers are anxious for a decision - we hope to have more information regarding this soon. -Thanks, Carol
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    Using my friends user information to stream the game tonight on DirecTV.  I will be another that cancels Cox TV, internet and security package first thing tomorrow morning. Had plenty of time to negotiate just like the other content providers.  

    Deuces Cox!

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      We continually evaluate new networks as they become available and assess whether the new network would create additional value for our customers, based on how much it costs and the available bandwidth. If Cox decides to move forward with this change, you will be notified under the "News From Cox" section of your monthly billing statement.

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  • For the thousands I pay you each year for lousy service, COX, I want the ACC Network.  You have until tomorrow, or you can kiss my money goodbye.