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5 years ago

ACC Network

So I just read an article that local viewers will NOT be able to watch ACC football games because Cox doesn't have a deal with them yet?  I suggest you get on it.  I pay $300 a month for cable and internet; I have a ton of Spanish channels that aren't needed; I have 20 music channels that aren't needed; and I have SEC football - but no ACC.  I will cancel and move somewhere else if this isn't fixed and soon!  GET US THE ACC NETWORK

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    CONCUR!  I don't want to have to add Hulu TV Live to get the games, but 8/29 is rapidly approaching.  I'll dump my Cox extras to offset the cost of Hulu, 

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      Cox is working to bring the ACC Network to Cox, however, Cox has a commitment to keeping costs reasonable.

      Jonathan J
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        Jonathon J. said, "Cox has a commitment to keeping costs reasonable." I've got a suggestion - drop the loser Longhorn network and use the savings for the ACCN. A network dedicated to a single loser school? No value there and the money can be better used elsewhere.