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3 years ago

5-15 mins missing out of DVR recordings!

Why is it that I OFTEN have 5-15 minutes of my 6am-9am shows missing from my DVR recordings?

Both shows begin at 6am, end at 8am and are on FOX NEWS & NEWSMAX!

There is NEVER a power outage and it doesn't happen every day...only once or twice a week, but it should not happen at all EVER!

The DVR starts recording both shows simultaneously, but during the first 20 mins, BOTH CHANNELS stop recording for 5-15 mins and then pick back up again!  So BOTH CHANNELS are missing the same amount of time!

The DVR records the rest of the show with no issues, but this happens constantly to both Fox & Newsmax DVR recordings at the exact same time!

For $170+ a month, you would think you're going to get your money's worth, but so far that has not been the case!

Anyone else out there having to go thru this year after year???   Thanks!  (2/6/22)


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    Check your "daily update time" under "preferences". Default is 2-4am but it may have changed on your system. Just a thought.