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My TV signal is frequently flaky.  I get a message saying to switch channels, and try later, and call customer service and report code "" or "".  When I call, the people that answer are CLUELESS as to what this code means.  So are the technicians they dispatch. They can only reboot the boxes, or replace them, but that fixes nothing.  The problem is CLEARLY a flaky and unreliable signal from Cox.  The problem is frequent, but unpredictable.  It sometimes affects a few channels, sometimes a lot of them, sometimes nearly all of them.  Sometime the channel will display, heavily pixelated, then display the error message.  Then it will return, again somewhat pixelated, then flash the message...again and again.  Then, an hour later, everything will be fine.  

What is causing this problem?  Why can't Cox fix it?  I am just about to give up on Cox, and switch to Verizon, except that would be a PITA, especially switching my email addresses.

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    Hi JimTav, I understand this is a frustrating situation, and we're sorry you're experiencing these ongoing issues. These error messages, along with pixelation, is typically an indication of a signal issue. Sending out a service technician to the home is generally the best course of action in these cases. Please feel free to email us at for additional assistance. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator