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3 years ago

Which Cox employee wants a promotion?

This requires a new thread to get the attention of as many Cox employees as possible.

If you take this suggestion to management, I guarantee you will be rewarded.

Stir/Shaken is a failure.  The number of spoofed calls has tripled from 6 a day to 18 a day.  Why?  Because prior to Stir/Shaken 95% of my 6 spoofed calls a day would come from my area code and 3-digit prefix.  Cox implementing Stir/Shaken verification is working in my 949 + 3-digit area code, because the spoof calls no longer come from .949 + 3-digit area code. Seems like it's working, no?  NO, it's not working the spammers have caught on and now calls no longer come from .949 + 3-digit area code.  Now 100% of my 18 daily spoofed calls come from other states where Cox can't verify the number calling, so it rings through to me.  Stir/Shaken has literally tripled my number of spam calls.

The alternative is it to go with a program where I have to list with Cox all the phone numbers allowed to reach me.  No other numbers will get through.  Easy to insert all the numbers you use frequently, but forgetting someone, they don't get through to you. Old college friend, old GF or BF, relative you haven't talked to in years. Their caller ID may just have a number, no name, and you're getting 18 spoof calls a day, are you going to return that phone call? No.  I can think of many other instances where this doesn't work.  One would be phoning your doctor's office after hours for an emergency.  Doctor won't be calling back on your allowed office number.  Nope he's calling back on his NOT allowed cell or home phone.  You say turn off the allow feature.  In your 60's,70's, and 80's not really that easy to remember especially if you're dealing with a medical emergency.  Result:  no returned call saying do this or do that.  Nope, go to Hospital.  Allowed call list is Not a good option.

Nomorobo, 30 calls blocked,  Nat'l Do Not Call registry is a joke

Solution is to have an optional PAID by the consumer new program.  Wherein Cox blocks all calls that originate from a foreign country that use a US number ID.

Please someone take this suggestion to management.

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  • Hi Hammer, call spoofing is an industry problem, not just a Cox problem. The industry has been working to find a solution for many years.

    STIR/SHAKEN is a framework of interconnected standards. STIR/SHAKEN are acronyms for the Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR) and Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information Using toKENs (SHAKEN) standards. This means that calls traveling through interconnected phone networks would have their caller ID "signed" as legitimate by originating carriers and validated by other carriers before reaching consumers. STIR/SHAKEN digitally validates the handoff of phone calls passing through the complex web of networks, allowing the phone company of the consumer receiving the call to verify that a call is in fact from the number displayed on Caller ID.

    We understand your frustration and appreciate your feedback. While we continue to work on solving the call spoofing problem, stay abreast of the latest FCC recommendations regarding spoofing at -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Hi Becky-  Thanks for responding.

      I am aware of STIR/SHAKEN, better than many Cox employees.

      Please carefully read what I posted above.. 

      Cox needs to do better than the failed STIR/SHAKEN.  Cox has to create new helpful technology.  Which would take very little effort.

      Again, please consider sending my solution to upper management: Solution is to have an optional PAID by the consumer new program.  Wherein Cox blocks all calls that originate from a foreign country that use a US number ID.

       It would create more revenue for Cox, and more importantly it might drastically reduce foreign spoofed calls.