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6 years ago

Voice Everywhere App on Android

The Voice Everywhere feature of the new Cox Connect Android app is non-functional.  Briefly, it just doesn't work!Please have someone test your aps before they are released.

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  • Hi Markshap99, once you have been migrated to the new Cox Voice platform, you won't use the Cox Connect app for Phone Tools any longer. You'll need to download the Cox Voice Everywhere app. After installing the Voice Everywhere app, sign into the app with your Primary Cox User ID. After accepting the Terms & Conditions, tap the Contacts tab to allow the app to access your stored contacts. Go to the Settings menu and tap Allow Incoming Calls to enable the app to make and manage calls over WiFi or the cellular network. Also, be sure to enable Allow Incoming Calls to App to receive calls for the home phone number via the app. Android users will also need to edit your microphone permissions to allow the app to record audio. To enable the "voice everywhere" functionality of the app, meaning, to have your cell phone ring when your house phone receives an incoming call, be sure to enable Simultaneous Ring. Add your cell phone number and click the Add button. Be sure to then click the Save button. Have you enabled Simultaneous Ring and added your home phone number? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator