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5 months ago

Unable to Unlock iphone !

 Hi Team ,

I am trying to unlock my phone after 4 months, I purchased a mobile (Iphone 15 pro)  from Cox. There is no due pending from my end.

So I followed the instruction here, it was successful , then i ported out my number to another service provider , when the new provider tried to add esim on my phone - Iphone 15 pro , it says phone is still locked by carrier. then contacted cox phone support and chat support, they said that phone cannot be accessed online, because service was already disconnected and today morning to access the mobile online, I got a new line (temporarily), which was recommended by tech support but post activating the new line,  when I tried unlocking it online, now it says your mobile was not brought from cox!  for each and every call request handled by call support, they transfer to another department, different people multiple times and because of lack of knowledge or lack of any desire to provide good service, no one was able to support and the issue is not resolved yet,  Till now my phone is locked and every time I call cox phone support , each and every person shares new information.

The phone support or the chat support aren't able to do anything and I believe the system has issues and it should be resolved through their backend tech support of the system  to restore the device but no one actually is helping here, this is so shocking and pathetic.

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  • Hello Goldenbird. I'm very sorry to hear that you haven't been able to get this fixed. I would suggest contacting us again at 1 (800) 234-3993 and asking to be escalated to a supervisor. This will most likely need to be submitted up to the our engineers to work on it which is something they should be able fix.



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      JuanC : L1 - Mobile Tech Support is not really knowledge or they don't have privileges to access the IT system/backend to makes changes to system, all request are simply closed , I brought the phone on oct 22 and used for four months , I have used the mobile plan extensively and paid all the bills Jan 28th , Only I hear , you have use the phone for 60 days only then I am eligible to unlock , I am seeing different after activating temp new line as in screen print.

      I am spending daily 3 hrs explaining to each every person , see call transfer happening !

      I call cox --> Person 1 (Cox Comm) -->Person 2 (Phone Service)-->
      Person 3(Mobile Tech Support) --> Person 4 ( Mobile Sales) - (Why can't try going to store or Chat Support ) --- > Person 6 (Mobile Tech Support) -- They We can't anything from our end , have great rest of your day !!

      No one is helping out , it's been four days now nothing happened ! 


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        Hi Goldenbird,



        I apologize for the trouble you've experienced in unlocking your phone. For assistance with Cox Mobile, you will want to speak with our mobile team, or visit our store. You may also consider contacting the manufacturer. I have removed some of the images from your post since they contained identifiable info, like addresses, tracking and account numbers.