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Technical characteristics of TA derived Phone lines

I need to find out if Cox has any published standards regarding their Company Provided TA devices, and how they are supposed to behave, with regard to basic D.C. Telephony services.  Does Cox comply with the Bellcore G.R.s regarding things like on-hook timing for flash, leakage across T-R for determining on-hook vs off conditions.

Here are my reasons why I need this information:

1. Off-the shelf Uniden wireless phones are constantly keeping line siezed on hangup, causing High & Wet conditions, or failure to provide Dial tone on next off hook. The only remedy to date is to break the D.C. Path between the TA and the base unit for the phones.  This NEVER occurred on a 5E-hosted Dialtone line at 18KF from C.O.

2. Off hook duration for 3W-calling or SW-Flash for call waiting, more often than not causes the TA to lock-up, sending 120 IPM Dial Tone to me, or tears down the call in progress, forcing us to try and start all over. I've lost count of the times I've bid for Dialtone, only to hear Silent Batt, or 120 IPM, then gone thru the open-pair drill before it will clear.

3.  Calls to National 800 number companies with IVRs will fail, with no ability to get into the company's directory or menu choices, because the IVR is receiving some sort of voice primitive, or tone or impluse noise that prevents me from instructing it, when I am NOT SENDING ANY TONE OR VOICE through the call session.  The Same IVR will work as expected from any Cell phone or C.O. based origination in the same area. 

For this trouble, I need tier 2 or 3 support to prove the trouble either towards the IVR sponsor ( NOT likely since this symptom is occurring on Companies all over the U.S., therefore at different distances [echo return variances, and possibly +|- .5 DB level variances]) or towards your network or the default level settings in the TA or the head end with regard to how your network converts Analog voice and background noise before sending it towards the called IVR. 

Ideally I would like to work with the tech who has No-Test capability and a "GOD's eye" view of the network and stable path through it so he or she can hear for themselves what I am putting up with.  The most recent & frustrating site for me has been the national U.S.P.S. call center at 1-800-275-8777.  Before the first choice offers  are even completed, the IVR halts and returns "I didn't understand that input" the re-starts the menu choices over again, never to be satisfied.  I eventually have to bail out from the call.

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  • How many devices are physically plugged into your line?  Is your Uniden a base station with wireless handsets, or several separate devices?  Have you checked your hookflash timers?  They should be about 500ms.  Is the audio quality good?  Have you tried plugging straight into the modem and testing?