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Stutter tone notification for new voicemails stopped working

I have had Cox Voicemail for years in Phoenix, AZ. Starting 2 weeks ago or so, the “stutter” beep stopped working to notify me if someone left a new voicemail. I called Cox and they re provisioned the phone. That did not fix it. As of right now, the only way I know if I have a new voicemail is if I check it by dialing *298. For days I wasn’t checking for new voicemail because no stutter beep came on when I picked up the phone to notify me of voicemails. Yet there were many new voicemails. 

Did Cox take away the stutter notification? If not, I need someone to fix this. So far, no one at Cox knows what is going on. 

PS: Yes, I know I can check for voicemails online or have them emailed to me, but I want the stutter notification as well to notify me of new voicemails. 

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