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5 years ago

Selective Call Rejection Phone Features Aren't Working

When I enter *60 into my Cox land line phone, a recording begins "All screening is off.  Press 1 to turn call screening on..."   The recording continues for all remaining options related to Selective Call Rejection.  However, when an available option is entered, the recording just continues to play and nothing happens.  Selective Call Rejection Phone Features worked as recently as 6/6/2019, but they aren't working now.  Powering the modem off and back on had no effect.  Is this a known issue?

I sent an email to last night about this but I haven't received a reply.  

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  • Hi Curtb. I did send you a reply at 2:29 am. Please check your spam folder. I would like for you to try another feature, Speed Dial 8, which will give me an indication as to what may be happening. Pick up your phone and wait for a dial tone > press *74 > wait for dial tone > press #2 and enter your cell phone number > press # and see if you get a confirmation tone. Please let me know if this works. Thanks, Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      LisaH, I checked my spam folder and didn't find your email.  I have a filter rule to forward all Cox email received to my Outlook account which has a rule to direct email from my Cox account to a Cox folder.  It wasn't there either.  I then sent a test message from my Outlook account and it immediately went through to my Cox account with no problem.  It doesn't appear that your email went through.  

      When I entered *74, a recording began with instructions for using speed dial.  When I entered #2, the recording kept playing, same as with *60.  Phone Features does not appear to recognize that keys are being pressed on my land line phone.  This is a new development because I used selective call rejection on 6/6/2019.

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        Do you only have 1 phone? - Lisa - Cox Support Forums Moderator
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    The call rejection isnt working because Cox got rid of it with the new equipment~  NOT HAPPY!!

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    I received the following recorded message today after entering *60 for Selective Call Rejection:

    "Call screening is limited to 25 telephone numbers.  You must remove an entry before adding another".

    The Cox website states: " You can store up to 30 phone numbers in your rejection list".

    Why has Cox reduced the number of entries available for Selective Call Rejection?

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      An email from Cox noted that Cox Digital Telephone allowed up to 30 numbers for Selective Call Rejection, but I'm now on Cox Voice which only allows 25 telephone numbers for Selective Call Rejection.  When I asked why Cox chose to downgrade service for this particular telephone feature, I was told they understand my disappointment and appreciate my feedback and they will share it with their Leadership Team.  Well, that just makes me feel so much better.

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      Does anyone still receive repeat scam calls from the same number?  The last nuisance calls I got were from Cox.  Cox called my broken landline 6× to remind me I had appointment to fix said broken landline.  They were calling the very same number they were suppose to fix.  [Hello, hello...why don't you answer your broken phone?]