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7 years ago

Robo calls - Why won't COX help my 90+ year old mother block them?

Other phone services offer NoMoRobo and other robo-call blocking services to their subscribers. Why doesn't COX?

I kept track of my elderly mother's incoming phone calls last week. More than 90% of them were robo-calls. She has a very few friends and would like to answer their calls, but is afraid to.  She might say something that can be recorded and  be used to steal her ID and the little money that she has.

The blocking options offered by COX are totally inadequate in the face of robo-scammers. I notice that there have been complaints about your lack of decent robo-call protection since at least 2014. 

What is COX planning on doing about this problem? 

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  • Hi NanaLu,

    Nomorobo requires a simultaneous ring feature which isn't available for residential telephone service. Cox does not currently offer simultaneous ring as it is required for Nomorobo to function. We do offer some great alternatives to help you block unwanted calls. I would be glad to go over them with you. If I may, please send me an email to with the service address and your full name.
    Be sure to periodically check your bill statement under the "News from Cox" category to view any upcoming changes.
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    Why should COX care? They are still making money off your mother, right? "Your friend in the digital age" - I think NOT!