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6 years ago

Preview & review of commercial flyers

WARNING-- wish Cox stop pushing to sell products people don't need and or ask for.  I have been customer since November 2014 and never have a need or use battery to operate my modem until a flyer came with monthly bill that I may need one.  after received the battery, I installed it immediately.  I was thinking having battery will bring improvement "none interrupted/disconnection" of service to the modem.  having battery does not reduce the interruption/disconnection that comes every now and then.  why push the products that produce no added value to the service customer receives only to maximize company's profit?  I hope readers learn from my mistakes not to purchase any product they don't need. Especially residential customer who have been with the company for a long time.  that's all I have for now. Thanks to all readers of this article and you are warned. Femi.

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      Only if your phone is a plain old analog phone that doesn't need AC.  Most people have cordless nowadays, so the battery would be essentially a waste.

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        All telephones are analog.  Only the data on the wireless signal from the base station to a handset is digital to employ any authentication and encryption protocol.

        However, you're correct in the sense of only a "plain old analog phone"...meaning a corded telephone...would benefit from a backup battery.

        I knew this was a fine-print scam when Cox started heavily pushing their backup batteries in the spring of 2018.  First, it's a $30 battery.  Second, Cox recommends a Field Tech to "professionally install" the $30-battery for an additional charge.  Third, it's a proprietary $30-battery.  Meaning, their $30-batteries will only fit specific telephone modems and are not available in retail stores.  Fourth, the $30-battery is only warranted for one year.  Fifth, Cox repeatedly warns to purchase "additional" $30-batteries as "reserve backup batteries."

        It's just a campaign to buy, buy, buy.  If I can't get 911 services during a power outage, I'll die peacefully knowing I didn't fall for this scam.