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5 years ago

Pick up phone modem from the Cox store?

I've been told I have until 23 October to update my phone.  Am I able to pick up the digital phone upgrade equipment from the Cox store and install it myself?

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    We would need to review the account before answering your question. Please email your full name and service address to

    Jonathan J
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    I received the same letter and yep, it says Oct. 23rd. From what I've read on other posts, you have to schedule a time for a Cox technician to come out and install it. I guess it needs to be professionally installed. 

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      maybe, but the niu needs to disconnected also which a cox tech has to do 

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    no tech required, i've gone both ways, adding the trip internet/cable/phone modem years ago.i recently swapped the phone modem for the new panoramic combo modem/router & it's almost twice as fast for both hardwired + wi-fi as when i was providing my own router.

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      Hi @bearone2, this is not always the case. Here's some additional information about the process for updating residential phones:

      -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator