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7 years ago

Phone Call From Unknown Caller ID With Loud Harassing Alarm Sound - Is Cox Telephone High-jacked?

 I am getting an increasing number of these malicious calls that seem to high-jack my Cox Telephone service. I am subjected to a very loud harassing alarm sound throughout my house from my answering machine and my three hand sets. This must be an FCC violation. Please use the following URL to listen to the last one I recorded from my answering machine.!Ak6rLTE8_2mohN9x7bl5fhRX153nAg

Please advise on how I can stop this.

Thank you.

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  • inland

    If you are currently subscribed to selective call rejection, you can block that call from getting in. 


    Allan - Cox Support Forums Moderator

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      Thanks Alan

      I have tried to do so by using the *60 #01# on my telephone dial pad but since the call ID is unknown that does not work. Were you able to listen to the .mp4 recording of the call that I posted the link to? It sounds like something more than just the annoying sound is going on with these calls.