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6 years ago

Outgoing calls in voicetools

Is anybody else having problems with outgoing calls being logged in the Voicetools?  This has been on-going for over a month.

There have been several tickets open, which have always been "escalated," but that doesn't seem to fix anything.  I have talked

to probably about a dozen phone CSR's, but nobody seems to be able to give me a definitive answer as to what the problem is.  I

gave them permission to set up a temporary password so they can look at my call history.  I have started my own phone log because

they ask me what numbers I called and when.  Still no resolution.  I talked to someone last night and he told me it's because I dial

*82 before the number.  That seemed odd to me.  First time I heard that and why should it matter that I dial *82?  One girl I spoke with,

who seemed quite knowledgeable, pinpointed the problem started in October when I was switched over to the new "platform" as she

called it.  What does that even mean?  I am trying to be patient, but this is getting ridiculous.

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  • Hi Rosebud84, Cox has been working all year on a project to update our telephony network by removing outdated Circuit Switch technology and replacing it with Packet Switch technology. You were migrated to the Cox Voice platform on 10/19/18. The morning after you were migrated, you tried to access your Call History via the Cox Connect App. You may recall seeing a message instructing you to download the Cox Voice Everywhere App; prompting you to post in Forums to ask about this change. The team working one of the tickets escalated on your behalf was able to determine that calls made using the *82 code were not being recorded in Call History. A code change was implemented on 11/19/2018 to include all *82 calls in Call History going forward. Try making a test call to a friend or family member through the Cox Voice Everywhere App. The Call History within the Cox Voice Everywhere App should update and display the outgoing call 15 minutes after the call is placed. Keep in mind that calls made using the home phone will not show in Call History within the Cox Voice Everywhere App, but instead will display in Call History when you log into online. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I can’t download the Cox Voice Everywhere app since I do not have a smart phone.  I have made calls with *82 since the code change, but those outgoing calls still don’t show in my call history.

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        Hi Rosebud84, I forgot that you mentioned not having a smart phone. I learned today that for an outgoing call to be listed in Call History, the call must be answered or go to voicemail. Calls that are unanswered will not be displayed in Call History. For troubleshooting continuity, please access Phone Tools only from your MacBook rather than your iPad. So that we can continue investigating this on your behalf, please provide the date and time of outgoing calls that are not displayed in Call History, along with the phone number dialed and if you used the *82 code. Feel free to email these details to Be sure to also include your full name, address, and a link to this page. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • Hi Rosebud84, I'll see if I can get a confirmation for you. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
  • Hi Rosebud84, there was an unexpected delay. I'm sorry! I'll let you know when the new code is implemented. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator