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6 years ago

Nomorobo and voice mail


I've tried several times to set up Nomorobo. I had it set up at one time but I don't know if it blocked any calls.

However, what happened was that my voicemail no longer worked. Instead of going to voicemail the call was directed somewhere to a fax machine. 

Today, after having reduced the number of signals to 3 before redirecting the incoming calls to my voice mail, I tried setting it up again. When calling my number, it sounds like the call is going to my voice mail after three rings, but after that,  I just get a short ring and no voice mail message, i.e. my voice mail is still hampered by Nomorobo. 

Any solution to this?


Rune J

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  • Hi RuneJ, Nomorobo has included a test feature in their setup process. It sounds like you may have already created a Nomorobo account at During the sign-up process, Nomorobo provided you with a Nomorobo telephone number. (You can access this number at any time by logging into your Nomorobo account and clicking on the "Your Phones" menu. The Nomorobo Number will be Highlighted in yellow.) Log in to Cox Phone Tools online ( or sign into the Cox Voice Everywhere app and click Settings to expand the drop-down options. Enable Simultaneous Ring. Enter the telephone number provided by Nomorobo and click Add, then Save. Log into your Nomorobo account and click on the "Your Phones" menu. Click "Test" next to your phone number. Then click "I'm Ready. Call Me Now." Nomorobo will now call your phone to check your robocall protection status. Pick up the phone after the status bar on the Nomorobo test page changes color. A recorded message will let you know the status of your Nomorobo protection. After completing this process, are you provided with a "you are now protected" recorded message? -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      Hi Becky,  Thanks for your response. The set-up is working as you say and I get a message saying that nomorobo is set up and working properly. However, with nomorobo on - voice mail is not working! When I call my house phone (with nomorobo on) I get one ring signal and then a tone from a fax machine - no voice mail!

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        Hi RuneJ, log in to Cox Phone Tools online ( or sign into the Cox Voice Everywhere app and go to the Simultaneous Ring settings. Is your home phone number displayed along with the Nomorobo number? If not, add your home number, click Add, and then Save. Then try another test call to your home and see if the call rolls to voicemail on the third ring. -Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator