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5 years ago

Email service has stopped on iPhone and iMac

Cox email service on my iPhone and iMac stopped 48 hours ago. I can access mail at and have verified that my device settings for imap and smtp are correct and unchanged with no forwarding or filters in place.

Internet service is otherwise uninterrupted and Netgear admin shows both devices as connected and allowed. Cox seem to think that the issue is with the Netgear router, but the same wifi supports my husband's mail on both his PC and iPhone. We can use some direction.

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    what stopped, receiving/sending or both? any message?

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    I am having a similar issue, but on my laptop.  I can get email via a Gmail app, but I can't send.  I am getting an authentication error with the SMTP server,

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      Hello Kristyw,

      If you can verify you can send from just fine, then I recommend going into the client you use for email on your laptop. Confirm the account email server settings are as they appear to be on our website. If the issue remains, then you may want to try deleting the account from the client and add it back with these settings.

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        Thanks.  It magically started working again last night.  Used the same settings that you provided while I was having problems as well.