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5 years ago

Do Not Answer Call Forwarding

After a few rings, if an incoming call was not answered it was forwarded to my cell phone.  This has now stopped.  The only option I see in Phone Tools is to forward all calls,  What happened to the Do Not Answer Call Forwarding?

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  • In looking through the Cox Web Site (a laborious chore in itself) I found this on call forwarding:

    When you can’t answer the phone

    1. Dial *92

    2. Listen for the dial tone

    3. When prompted, dial the number of desired rings before the call is forwarded

    4. Dial the number to where you want your calls forwarded. You’ll know it’s set up when you hear a stutter dial tone, then silence. 

    Turn On: Dial *92

    Turn Off:

    1. Dial *93

    2. Listen for the confirmation tone, then hang up. Call Forwarding No Answer is now off.


    But if you try it, you get a message saying this service is no longer available.  So why are the instructions still on the site?

    And, why is it not available, and is there another alternative for this feature?

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      Hi HassayampaSlim, it sounds like you were recently transitioned to the Cox Voice platform. The Cox Digital Telephone platform was end-of-life, so Cox has been transitioning customers to the new Cox Voice telephony platform. You still have access to voice mail, phone features, and settings online via As Curt mentioned, some of the phone features you may be used to are no longer available. Cox Voice has a host of new features available, including Simultaneous Ring, Nomorobo integration, and the Cox Voice Everywhere App. For more information, go to and scroll down to the "Phone Upgrade FAQs" section. - Becky, Cox Support Forums Moderator