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4 years ago

Did Cox Call me?

I got a strange call from 504-229-6404 and the person on the phone claimed to be from COX Communications.    When I called back it says Coxy Windows Dressing.  

Is 504-229-6404 one of your numbers?

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    Hi CajunCartoon,

    We call from different phone numbers and I apologize we wouldn't be able to verify if the phone number is us. I called the number you provided and an agent identified herself from Cox Communications. It's possible that it was from our Sales team to talk about deals/offers in your area. We'd be glad to review your account to see if we left any notes on your account. Please feel free to send us an email to with your full name, account holder's name, street address, and details of your issue or a link to your forum post.

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    Coxy Windows Dressing

    It's the same type of marketing.

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    if i haven't had or expect a service call, i figure it's spam or the number has been spoofed.