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4 years ago

Can a phone account be locked so that the number can't be ported out from Cox?

My father's phone number was ported to another carrier.  He didn't want that, but who knows what the other company said or did.  In my option they were preying on the elderly.  I am hoping that there is a way stop this from happening again by locking it down somehow.  Is this kind of thing possible?  Maybe require an additional verification step on the Cox side of the transfer so there is a double check before the transfer happens?  When this happened, it took about a week to figure out why the phone stopped working, and then a week to get the number ported back from the other carrier so it was pretty frustrating.




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    Hello, we deeply apologize for the unfavorable experience your father had with our company, In regards to porting phone numbers from other telephone providers, there are specific rules in place that all telephone providers must adhere to.

    1.) The ported number must be in the same rate center that you reside in. In other words, if you are moving from one location to another, the phone number must be within the same rate center in order to be ported over. If the phone number crosses rate centers, the port cannot take place

    2.) The customer's name must match exactly what is on their account with the other provider.

    3.) Customers must keep the telephone number active with the other service provider, in order for the port to be successful. The telephone service is then canceled through the other provider once the port completes.

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      I think you misunderstood me -- I didn't have a problem with Cox.  I just want to make sure that my father's number can't be ported away from Cox without some extra verification step or process.  If the PIN mentioned below by WiderMouthOpen would do that, how do I enable that feature?  I am pretty sure nobody has his pin -- he pretty much interacts with Cox by going to the Cox store and talking to them.  

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        You can log into your Dad's account to create a PIN.  However, would the other company need the PIN to switch his carrier?  Who actually terminated your Dad's service with Cox:  the other company or Cox?

        These scammers talk fast to confuse you...pressure you to verify personal information...and will use any nuance of any confirmation of any question as consent.  They're scum and are paid to be scum.

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    Although it was frustrating, it was a valuable lesson.  I forget the specific scam...possibly the 'Microsoft call'...but they duped my Mom and she paid.  I explained it to her, she got mad and now hangs up if she doesn't know what they're talking about.

    As far as locking down an account, probably not.  If your Dad pays the bill and the scammer manufactures a "consent," what are the odds of going to court?  Preying?  Definitely...but they can't prey if your Dad just hangs up.

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    You are going to want to call tech support, then ask to be escalated to CAG, and speak to someone there and see if there is a way to lock the account. If you are not on the account, make sure you are at your parent's house so the account holder can verify the account, and give permission for you to speak to the agent.