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5 years ago

Caller ID not giving correct time. 1 hour off since daylight savings time changed.

Caller ID not giving correct time. 1 hour off since daylight savings time changed.

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  • @havingfun100, Please unplug the power from the cable box for 2 mins and then plug it back up. This will force the box to sync back up to us and hopefully resolve that issue with the incorrect time. Please let us know if that helps. -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      I have powered the modem off then on but it made no difference. I have tried to access the modem but do not have the address. It is hard because I have the telephone modem is in parallel with the the DSL modem, so I just get the Netgear modem responding but not the the Cisco telephone modem.

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        I shut power off on modem and cable box for 10 minutes, then powered both back on....Did not help restore to correct daylight time....two days ago, the time displayed an hour behind! 

  • I have the same problem in Chesapeake Va.  As the forum moderator recommended to "retired dude", I emailed with a link to this thread and got a canned reply that they wanted my address to review my account.  I clearly wasted my time thinking that this issue would be forwarded to the technical department.  Shame on Cox.  I will just use my other clocks in the house until they get their act together.

  • Same problem in Midwest City, OK. Have reset phone system time to correct. Flips back one hour when incoming phone call. Called Tech Support. Was told that Cox was aware and working on it. Coming up on a week now. Obviously Cox does not have a clue.

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      Had same problem in okc . . . changed time setting for caller id on my Panasonic phone from automatic to manual and it fixed the problem . . . now stays on the correct time when a call comes in instead of going back one hour . . . 

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    Caller ID on what device...telephone, Caller ID on TV, call blocker, Cox Call Log?

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    Me, too in Las Vegas, NV.  Tried "chat" , ultimately got disconnected.  Problem still exists and Cox doesn't seem to know how to fix it.

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      @Jaydee99, are you able to change the time setting for caller id on the phone itself from automatic to manual? Does the Caller ID time display correctly on the Cox website settings or in the Cox Voice Everywhere app? Are you referring to standard Caller ID or TV Caller ID? -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator