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5 years ago

Caller-ID For All, To Dissuade Telemarketers

Just my opinion. If COX was serious about reducing Telemarketers, then even your Essential phone service would include 'Caller-ID'. Even as nearly useless as Caller-ID has become, this small allowance would greatly curb customer nuisances from Telemarketers. Only Call History online is made available to the Essential service customers; ~15mins. after the call. Not much help to avoid Telemarketers. For Digital phone service, Caller-ID should be standard across all COX phone services. Not doing so, I can only assume the feature is being used for just monetary purposes.

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    Nomorobo has proven to be as effective as the Do Not Call Registry.  The worst thing to have happened to landlines is an Internet connection.  Robocallers used to be as advanced as a fax its computers and software behind private networks.

    Within the next 18 months, the FCC will "demand" service providers to create, issue and validate digital certificates in the Caller ID data.  That's fine but I feel Cox would need another overhaul of their telephone service.

    For example, 6 years ago, my Mom moved her service to a new house and during the switchover; the Time-Warner rep misspelled her last name.  Mom has since corrected the misspelling but as compared to the rest of my family, only Cox still displays the misspelling.  How would Cox validate a certificate with current erroneous data?

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    Thanks for reaching out to us through Cox Forums. We appreciate your feedback and have forwarded this to our Product Development Leaders to ensure that your voice is heard.

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    It's disturbing Cox actually goes through a process to remove the Caller ID.

    Mouth is right about Caller ID not being truthful...or at least even accurate...but it would provide the initial stink test.

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      What is EXTREMELY disturbing lately is the number of calls lately with “Anonymous” in the Name line that Nomorobo has not been blocking.  It was working well for a while, but now it is NOT blocking numbers that have already been blocked and reported to Nomorobo for which there is a recording.  For example, there is a recording of 205-272-6009 on Nomorobo’s list, but TWICE I received calls that were NOT blocked because of the “Anonymous” in the name line.  I even got one AFTER I reported it to them.  Cox really needs to work to block those type of calls, because Nomorobo is becoming as much of a flop as Cox’s email filters (if I get ONE MORE Wild Alaskan email that is not blocked I may have to file suit).  AND JUST AS I TYPE THIS, GUESS WHO CALLED FOR THE THIRD TIME?!!  

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        @JP Sports, for additional support regarding our nomorobo service, please don't hesitate to send us an email at We are here to help resolve any issues you're having in any way we can. -Kevin