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3 years ago

You don’t keep your email for 90 day after you cancel your account cox cripples your email. They block the outgoing smtp server immediately so the only way to send emails after you cancel is to sign on to web mail. No 3rd party email programs will work.

Cox lives up to its name. Once you cancel your account the outgoing smtp server is blocked and you can’t send email thru 3rd party apps eg. apple mail Samsung mail thunderbird. The only way to send mail is thru cox web mail. This is false information from cox and they should sued.

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    Hi @Tim11
    I know how important it is is for you to have access to your email. Once you disconnect your service, you will lose your email Webmail account after the 90-day grace period has ended. And we no longer offer the ability for new and existing Cox Internet customers to create new Cox Email accounts.

    Ben S.
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    After 5 minutes you blocked the outgoing server preventing me from sending email from third party aka normal ways of sending email. I see your one of the highly educated technical support people from cox. You are telling people the wrong information. Anybody reading this be warned 5 minutes after you cancel the only way your are going to be able to send or reply to an email is by signing on to your browser aka web mail it will no longer work thru Apple mail Samsung mail outlook or thunderbird. Go netspeed it cheaper and a lot faster.

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    cancel means cancel service!!

    cancel your electric service, see if you have light that night!!

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      Not when their policy says you can keep your email for 90 days after you cancel. My purpose for this post is to warn people that when you switch to a better and cheaper service make sure your new email is up and running because once they block your outgoing server it makes converting over to your new email a lot harder.