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5 years ago

Will we get a discount for lack of service?

Internet has been out for 3 hours. Your website says the scheduled network outage fix won't be for another 13 hours. Will I and all the people in this area be reimbursed for the lack of service?

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    Total blackout on all services here. Taking over 8 hours and they keep pushing a later repair time.  Everyone needs to call in to get service credit for what we are charged. 

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    Yup been down since 4/28 2:20pm (mountain time)West Phoenix, just tried to reboot my router again 4/29 6:26am and still down, me and my wife have to work soon from home and no internet. Can’t even call Customer Support because they willl not open until 8am...

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      Many customers are experiencing an interruption in services at this time. Please know that we're aware of the outage, and our engineers and field service representatives are working diligently to correct the issue. Thank you for your patience!

      Jonathan J
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