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4 years ago

Wildly different internet speeds / slow

We have been having problems with our internet speed for a couple weeks. We have been experiencing lag and wildly different internet speed (based on sped tests). We have probably spent 20 hours with cox trying to fix it and have had two techs out in a week.  Yet, throughout this process we decided to increase our speed to a gigablast and purchased a new modem to support the speed. When wired on a dell laptop our speed tests are 800,160 and then 230 all within 10 minutes and when it’s wireless (phones on MacBook) we get between 20 and 30 megabytes according to and coxs speed test. Our google mesh readings show speeds closer to 800ish but performance reflects the lower numbers. 

The first tech we had said when he tested there was no issues he could see for speed and that our problem was the google mesh routers. We have worked with google and they say there could be a problem but the problem is really with the speed and until we can get the hardwired speed more regular they can’t help
We had another tech out tonight and he said the tests he performed were fine and his readings were 800-900.  he said we needed to find another device to do a hardwired test on it was probably our laptop as he didn’t show any problems. 
I have ordered an adapter for my Mac to run some additional speed tests but does this sound right?? When I have talked to cox on the phone they say there is a weak signal hence why they keep sending techs out. I am so frustrated because we have spent so much time on this, I can’t get anyone to help us other than telling us our equipment is faulty  and I am paying for speeds we aren’t getting. 

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  • @Rande101, The modem is currently up and running with a good signal and I do not see any unusual latency at this time. Are you having this issue with multiple/all devices in the home or just one? -Allan, Cox Support Forums Moderator.
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      Thanks Allan. We see it across multiples devices but the only device i am able to hardwire is the dell laptop.