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4 years ago

Why does MoCA "disable" every night and after reboots with our new CGM4141 Cox modem/router?

Why does the MoCA feature "disable" every night and "disable" after reboots with our new CGM4141 Cox modem/router? We had an Arris TG2472G 2-Way DOCSIS 3.0 modem/router from Cox (Chesapeake, VA) fo...
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    4 years ago

    I am not an internet only customer - I pay for Contour TV Ultimate - 4 Premiums & Record 6, Cox Internet GigaBlast and Cox Voice Premier!

    UPDATE:  Just had the Cox tech out - he really new what he was doing, explained it to me and got me working again without changing my coax MoCA setup with network extenders..

    No way around it, I needed to install a 4K Contour Stream Player to "trick" the modem/router to NOT disable the MoCA feature. 

    The "MoCA" the 4K Contour Stream Player uses - isn't over coax, it's a dedicated frequency of 1150 MHz (the new "wireless" or "coax-less" MoCA).

    He installed the wireless player, which changed the modulation from QAM to IPTV. The IPTV change is what tells the Panoramic gateway to NOT disable it's MoCA feature. After updating the wireless player, he removed the HDMI cable and just left it plugged into120V.

    Now I get to call Cox (with the help of tier two) and see if they will waive the $5/mo and still keep the IPTV selection... 


    ANOTHER UPDATE: The Cox "tier two" guy I spoke with was an obnoxious, self absorbed, POS that might still live in his mother's basement.

    He wouldn't acknowledge anything about the 4K Contour Stream Player's wireless MoCA signal telling the Panoramic WiFi gateway to keep the MoCA signal enabled.

    In fact he lectured me that my using network extenders (over MoCA - hard line coax) violates the user agreement because the "intent" of the MoCA feature in the new Gateway was for IPTV modulation (video) - period.

    He said just because the features of the Gateway are there, it doesn't mean I get to use them as I see fit. Those features are there for Cox, not for me.

    He scolded that the Cox tech shouldn't have "divulged" company information by showing me how to "trick" their $$Billion dollar system to work with my network extenders - instead of BUYING THEIR PODS!

    I pay an extra $2.33/mo for the 4K Contour Stream Player rental fee (which I don't use & is just plugged into 120V behind the TV).

    My ethernet speed from the extenders is 800Mbps (anywhere in the house) and the WiFi is about 200Mbps - better than what I had for just $2.33/mo. extra.

    Just wish Cox was more upfront about it from the beginning...