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5 years ago

Why does it show router as a connected device?

Arris TG1682G gateway for panoramic WiFi showed a device connected called Arris TG1682G, device type - router, host name contains part of default WiFi network name but I don’t know what hostname is and that number isn’t anywhere on the gateway thing. Also the MAC address is same as hostname and nowhere on the gateway. My husband paused it because he didn’t know what it was and thought someone was on our network or we got hacked. 

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    Hello, does part of that default WiFi display name match the default display name listed on the bottom of your Wireless router? Also, when you tap on "device details" in the Panoramic WiFi app, you should also see the MAC Address listed. If that is indeed your TG1682G listed in your in-home network, then the MAC Addresses should be identical. Please feel free to email us at for additional support. -Kevin M. Cox Support Forum Moderator
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    it's the same on "my wi-fi", arris model number.

    it's like looking in a mirror.