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Why can’t I access a website via COX WiFi while I can access it via my 5G mobile phone?

Hello COX Community, for the past month or so I cannot access certain websited from my COX WiFY laptop which I had no problem in using before: USCIS, CHEWY, AMAZON, are just a few. The error I received on my laotop is the same: "Access Denied-You don't have permission to access "" on this server. Reference #18.3c2d2d17.1694788050.efbcf66"

I can access these website on my Motorola 5G cell phone using the same browswer CHROME. CHATTING WITH A LIVE COX AGENT DID NOT HELP.

You can email me at ******. Thank you. 

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    What model router do you have? If possible, you could change the WAN MAC address and reboot for a new DHCP IP address. If you have a gateway, try swapping it out at a Cox store. That should have the same effect.