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12 months ago

Who To Contact To Relocate Buried Cox Cable On Current Property For New Addition

We are getting ready to build a detached garage on our current property and need the buried Cox cable to be relocated. Who would we contact at Cox?

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    You can try calling tech support, they may be able to get the paperwork submitted, BUT, be aware that having them relocate their cable may cost you. 

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    I would suggest contacting Cox at with your account info and your request and see what they can do. I know a outlet relocation used to cost money(~60$) but not sure about a outside underground drop relocation.

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      Yes, underground drop relocation costs. THAT I do remember, though my daughter says my memory is slipping.....

  • Unless your proposed construction is going to disturb the cable I'd suggest leaving it be.  Otherwise, it'll continue to work perfectly for the rest of it's life.  After which, if a new one needs to be run the pathing will be figured out then.