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4 years ago

When does the data cap reset precisely?

Mine says the data cycle rolls over the 24th which is today but I'm worried the data cap won't reset and I will charged overage fees.

Also, as a side note I would also like to know why I bought 150 down speed but only get 30 every time I test it.

According to the rep on twitter it is exactly 1 day after the date the website lists. So since mine says March 25th - April 24th it would be April 25th.

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    I thought Data Usage coincided with your billing cycle.  I don't have my statement but my cycle usually ends on the 13 or 14th.  The 24th would be 10 days into the May cycle.

    While almost exceeding your data cap, have you been experiencing problems besides tests?

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      Well peoples billing cycle coincides with when they chose to get the internet I'd suppose because yeah mine is currently from March 25-April 24.

      I have intermittently tested the speed since I've had this internet and it almost never reaches close to the speeds advertised with the plan I have purchased and regularly goes out past 12am.

      Combine this with the ridiculous data caps that I keep getting charged for on the same day the cycle is supposed to reset and I really do not like this ISP as they are not treating their customers well but it is the only one in the area I live.

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        Hi Newtochr, I/m sorry to hear that you are experiencing any speed issues. I know how frustrating that can be and I want to help. Please reach out to us through Facebook, or Twitter @coxhelp, or email us: Please include your address and your first/last name, and the name of the primary account holder. Please include a link to this thread and a description fo the issue you need assistance with.

        Thank you for choosing Cox, we appreciate your business,

        Mike J.
        Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      I would think but what is this a late email to my inbox? It's from an hour ago and is saying I'm over my limit and that in 18 more gb's I will need yet another 50 gb for $10.

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      And today (April 24) is when it says my cycle ends.