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4 years ago

When can our Upload speeds stop being throttled?

Really hard to maintain a live stream when my upload speed drops to below 1 mb/s every night until I get so mad I log off for the night. 

You expect everyone to continue to pay ridiculous prices for purposely controlled speeds the directly impact the reason we use your service. It’s disgusting. 

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    Hi Defenderftw,

    I can understand how frustrating slow speeds are. Cox doesn't block, throttle, or otherwise interfere with customers' internet signals. If you need us to further investigate these issues or discuss billing please email us at with your full name and address.

    Ben S.
    Cox Support Forums Moderator
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      this same thing has been happening to me, my download speed is perfectly fine but my upload speed is less than 0.10 Mbps. This only started happening earlier this month. Pretty sure im getting throttled.

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    Good luck dude. I've been fighting with them over this on and off for the past 5 years with no resolution. I think maybe I'll make a new post.

  • Call Corporate and file a complaint. I'm not joking it's the only way to get anything fixed!