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3 years ago

What is the best way to get an intermittent Internet issues fixed?

I moved into this house last September and have had intermittent issues since moving in.  Speaking with my neighbor, this is apparently normal for this neighborhood.  When I contact COX support via chat or phone, the usual process is to reset my router and modem which does nothing. Then at a later point in the day everything clears up.  When the agent can't fix the issue they schedule a technician but by the time the technician comes out everything is working. Is there a way to have something set up so that when we get the dropped internet we can inform them or have a monitor placed on the line to see the drops in signal to alert the technician?

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    I am so very sorry to learn of your Internettroubles and I'd like to help. Would you mind emailing your full name, full address, and the URL of this thread to

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    This happening to me as well. I've had several technicians come out week after week. I'll have stable internet connection for about 48hrs then it goes back dropping connection every hour. I haven't had full week of stable internet since late November. There has to be an area issue but no one is saying anything.