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5 years ago

What good is "Block Sender" if the senders are still coming?

I've marked a number of e-mails as "Block Sender",yet they're coming thru to the Junk Folder or Spam folder.

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  • It’s absolutely USELESS.  Filters do not block anything.  You can’t block addresses because they just change addresses.  You can’t filter words because they just change the spacing of the words or add a character or two to change things up.  And even then, the Outlook filters STILL don’t block out certain emails despite 10 different filters for the same type.  I swear if I get one more email for Wild Alaskan I am ready to either contact law enforcement about targeted harassment or file suit for unwanted trauma.  I have about 13 different Outlook filters alone for them and they STILL end up in my Inbox.  Why Cox does NOTHING to block them is beyond me.

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      i'm getting wild alaskan as well + a few others repeatedly after being moved to outlook16.

      i check cox webmail everyday when i come to the forum & generally have 2-12 items in the spam folder & some shouldn't be there, so i move 'em  to inbox.