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5 years ago

"We've noticed a temporary outage related to your Internet, TV and Phone service in your area and we're working to fix the problem."

I start getting stutters in Netflix, lag in games, so I go to check speed with Cox's speed test...  End up seeing less than 10Mb when it should be 30.  I go to Cox' website and they show temporary outages in my area.  This has been happening multiple times a day for weeks.  

What is happening to cause all of these outages in the Ocala area?  After weeks they should be cleared up...

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    We like to take a closer look please, email the full-service address and name on the account to

    Jonathan J
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    Yep. I’ve been having big issues with streaming lately and now the service has been down for 3 hours. 

    Cox: We are working to resolve your service interruption. We will send an update on your resolution at 7:30 am.