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6 months ago

Upload speed constantly dropping to nothing

For the last few years every few months I have had to call to complain about my upload speeds dropping to nothing with high packet loss. One of the last people they sent out said my upstream signals were bad but not bad enough to warrant any work and now my modem reports even lower upstream power levels and it seems to be happening again. My upload speed drops to around 0.5 to 0.05 and I've been seeing more and more T3 errors popup in my modems logs. My download speeds never seem to be bad only my upload. My modem has been swapped out multiple times and they have replaced all the lines in my house and the one buried in my yard but the issue has still not been fixed. Any help would be appreciated I am tired of calling to just have them reboot my modem and/or offer to swap it out for the same model with the same firmware version.


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    Can you post your downstream signal levels too? I want to see if they are high enough for you to use an attenuator. However that won't stop noise problems on your node. Will probably need a informal FCC report to get Cox's attention.

    PS. What model modem do  you have. Is it a Motorola/Zoom modem by any chance? If so, see thread here over on Comcast forum. A bit over my head, but maybe some else can break it down to brass tacks.

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      Thanks for the response. My mode is the basic Arris TM3402A that they provide to users that have phone service and internet. I have actually filed two FCC complaints over the last few years of dealing with this. The first time they basically said "We don't see any issues so there is nothing we can do but you can pay for a faster internet package if you would like"  The next time they replaced the line coming into my house and the line buried underground and when I still had the issue they blamed my Ethernet cables so I replaced those. Then they blamed my router so I wired my computer directly to the modem and when I still had issues they just tried to sell my on a faster internet package. They have put attenuators on there but each person they sent out changed what the previous person did to see if that would fix it.

      Edit:I just looked through some old screenshots and the last thing they tried was adding a FAM3 3db attenuator thing but that didn't seem to fix it so it was removed. I didn't take pictures of the two other devices they tried unfortunate. 

  • Hello mmmm, sorry to hear bout the concerns regarding the connection.  If still having these concerns and need help.  We can definitely be able to assist you with this. When available, please reach us on Twitter at CoxHelp, visit us on Facebook, or email by at Provide us with your name and service address to get started.

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        looking at the logs on up link it showing Docsis2.0 so it could be something at the pedestal or where the main cable comes into your neighborhood i personally have cox fiber now but i used to have coaxal cable i had to put in a fcc complaint and techs from cox corporate had to come out because contracters are worthless and cause more issues so i would file a fcc complaint .