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8 months ago

Upgrade and purchase a new Modem

Want to purchase a new modem, seems Cox only wants me to buy the modem/router combo.  Not interested.  Interested in purchasing an Arris Surfboard TG1682 or TM3402 (honestly not sure which is the better buy) yet I'll be **bleep** if I can find anywhere that Cox's website would permit me to do so!

Need help!


Bob Hunt

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  • Cox provided modems such as the models you've mentioned are for rental only.  In the unlikely event you're able to misappropriate one through one means or another, they will not activate it.  You'll need to purchase a device available via retail of your choosing if you prefer to own your equipment.  There are plenty of options available which are not Cox provided, see the following link for a good list:

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      New Contributor II one of the modems listed via Amazon, Best Buy, etc. etc. and Cox has no problem with that?

      If so, for basic internet use - no gaming or computer streaming - which of the 2 following modems would you recommend/prefer:

      Arris Surfboard TM3402 or TG1682?

      Either one is better than my +/- 6 year old ArrisTouchstone CM8200?


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        I prefer keeping the modem and router(s) separate. An Arris SB8200 is about $115 at Best Buy right now and is straightforward to set up and reliable. Note that it is easiest to stop by the local Cox "store" with the MAC and Serial Number, or call in with them for activation, because you can't typically install it and then run the activation remotely from your desktop. Cox won't give you any issues with the activation, and they will automatically update the firmware. Some other ISPs apparently don't do firmware upgrades to user supplied devices which is a challenge.

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    A reason I keeping referring to those 2 options? Yea, because I took those two modems directly from the list of 'approved' modems provided by Cox.

    Do not have phone service thru Cox.

    Can't believe Cox makes this so difficult to change a modem.

    Thanks for responding,


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      Good news is, you don't need either of those two modems, nor are they for sale.  If you scroll down that approved modems list there are plenty of other options available sorted by tier of service which can be approved from a local retailer of your choosing.  I seem to recall you mentioning having a CM8200.  That's a perfectly good modem for speeds up to Gig.  It's basically the Cox provided version of the SB8200 so unless you're paying a rental fee I see no reason you would need to change modems.  I believe you can even still purchase the CM8200 you're using if you're currently renting it.  You might have to call in and inquire about converting it to a purchase.

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        Thanks again but still have a problem.....if CM8200 is good for a Gig - why do the streaming services such as Peacock, Paramount+ still suffer from, not signifcant, but more than just moderate buffering? Cannot watch any program without the annnoying disruptions.

        Could it be the router?  Have a 7 or 8(??) year old Apple router (AirPort Extreme Dual Band 802.11 WiFi).  It seems to work fine for Nexflix, Hulu, etc.

        Thanks in advance for the help,


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        Try this link. Basically the same thing but without the period at the end. Not the first time a moderator has made this mistake.

        As for what a gateway is, that is a modem, router and phone MTA combined into one. All the devices under the first section of that page are gateways with the exception of the TM3402 which is a eMTA(no router). The TM3402 shouldn't be bought though since Cox offers it as a free lease if you have phone service.  The other gateways are for rent. Also, it doesn't have a router so you would need to buy one of those.