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8 months ago

Unreliable Home Internet

I'm an online college instructor who has 2 weekly evening Zoom meetings. It is beyond frustrating to be kicked out of a Zoom session that I am running. Last night was the 2nd time in 2 weeks. When I check the app, it says there are "no outages." I have been reduced to using my phone as a hotspot. I pay $155/month for the unlimited plan.

Nothing else has changed in my household. We use streaming services and have kids who use the internet for school, like most people. 

Does anyone know if Cox is currently improving services? OR What other options are available in San Diego - East County region? 


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  • Hi mzsheil, 


     I am sorry you're having issues with your Internet service. We work from home so we definitely understand the need for reliable service. We want to help. Please send us an email to Cox.Help@Cox.Com with your full name and address for assistance. 

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    If you prefer help from the public forum or didn't find help with the moderators, can you tell us a little about your network? What model modem and router do you have? Does it affect wired as well as wireless connections?

    As for upgrades, the only thing I have heard about is the upgrade to fiber in the Oceanside area.

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      Like many, they came here to gripe, not get help and resolve an issue. 

      That being said, my (now not new, lol), Netgear CM2000 modem, and RAXE 300 Netgear Router, are still running great and fast as heck! I have my PR4100 with 4-22TB WD red drives in a raid 5 array running PLEX, and I am streaming from it in 4K to my tv, with other devices are streaming from the Internet and browsing and such, all without an hiccup. Smooth as silk!