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6 years ago

unburied internet line

I had been a Cox customer for 10+ years until recently. November 1st i moved into a new home and had Cox transfer my service.

They had to run new internet line as it is a brand new home. I was told during installation that someone would bury my line within 2

weeks. I made them aware how important it was to have the line buried due to having children and dogs playing in my backyard. 

I let 3 weeks go by and no word from Cox. When i called they told me the order for the line to be buried was completed. However,

the line was still laying in my yard. So i they put in another order for the line to be buried. Once again 2 weeks later the service was never

completed. When i called i was told the order had been cancelled so a new order was put in. 2 weeks later with no buried line i called again

and was told the order was once again cancelled. This time when i called they connected me to a supervisor and i was told she was escalating the

order and she would follow up with me in 2 days to be sure it had been scheduled. 5 days later still no follow up call from the supervisor

and no appointment for the line to be buried. When i called AGAIN i was told the order was cancelled AGAIN! This is when i called

AT&T and had my service transferred. They were here within 2 days to connect my new service and the line was buried within a week.

I now have faster internet for a fraction of the price with superior customer service. My neighbor has had his Cox internet line laying in his yard for

at least a month now. I will be letting them know of my issues and the great customer service AT&T has provided me.

Very disappointed with Cox.

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  • Hi 32608,

    We can certainly investigate this issue; however, we will need some information in order to do so. Please email my team at with this post, your full name, and complete address. You can also reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook through the following links: and

    Maria L.
    Cox Support Forum Moderator