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3 years ago

Unauthorized Cancellation and Collections

After relocating my service last year I did not want to install the Homelife equipment.  Continual calls from Cox broke me down and I scheduled a tech to come do the install.  My schedule changed and I couldn't meet the tech and sent a text saying I don't want the equipment installed.

The tech reported that I wanted to cancel the Homelife service.  Because my contract wasn't complete that cancellation resulted in a cancellation fee.   I did not receive any notice or invoicing for this charge.  Several months later I get a collections notice saying I owe over $300 to Cox.  I was totally confused and actually thought it was a scam.

After talking with various people/groups within Cox at least 8 different times it's clear that the charge is not a scam but no one is able to help remove this charge and recant the collections request.  I've spoken with people in the Cox store, billing, and one can do anything...I'm told.

I didn't cancel the service, I never received a request to authorize the cancellation, I never received a bill for the cancellation fee, and now I cannot get anyone....that I am able to reach....within Cox to help resolve this issue.

Any suggestions would be helpful.  I am beyond frustrated with Cox's customer service process

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    It reads like Cox only understands money.

    You could contact the Consumer Protection Office for your state or county.  I don't think this would be a utility mater but more of a telecom perhaps the Office for overall Consumer Protection.

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    1.  Were you under some type of contract or promotional deal at your previous residence?
    2.  If so, would moving to a new residence qualify for an Early Termination Fee?
    3.  If Cox is punishing you with an Early Termination Fee for violating your contract, why was the initial reaction of Cox to solicit and lure you for this service?

    Technically, you didn't cancel the service.  You only canceled the appointment for the service.