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5 years ago

Ultimate 300 not doing as it should

I upgraded from 150 to 300 back in November 2019 and speeds were averaging above 300, now I cant get anything above 150. I contacted Cox and they have no clue and advised me to contact Linksy's as I am using their modem a CM3024 which Cox recommends and am running a Netgear Nighthawk AC1750 router and am hardwired into it. As far as the wifi part speeds are horrible nothing above 50 and am only a few rooms away. Anyone else having an issue like this ? Hate paying $94 a month for something that isn't doing as it is supposed to. Their is an amplifier on the line in the basement and I am only using one line and at most there are maybe 4 devices running at any given time. 

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    are you measuring speeds off the the netgear router

    what happens if you unplug that router & check speeds with cox modem/router(if that's the one you have)?

    fwiw: i have the pano combo modem router & see 300+ wired on pc + 300+ on several cell phones on wi-fi thru out the one floor 3br house.

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      I'm measuring speeds off my android box that is hardwired into my router,  It was showing speeds over 300 last month now it's not. I unplugged it and ran the android box thru the wifi and got the same results. I only have the Linksys modem .

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        Once you get above about 150 mbps the service gets really picky about line quality. It is best to get a test machine and check directly after the modem. It is a PITA, but sometimes QoS (quality of service) in the router can slow you down and if your vendor changed something, you wouldn't know about it.

        Once you have confirmed that it isn't the router, reduce the number of interconnects. If you can hook it up by the outside cable box and it is still slow that is your only hope of fixing it. Otherwise they will just blame the wiring in your home...